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Dec 4, 2014
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Play by Play Broadcast Archives offers Play by Play audio archives for Lincoln sports events. Choose the event archive below and click on the event to re-live all the excitement!
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Event Archive Schedule
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GF = Golf : I = Interview : SB = Softball : SC= Soccer
TE = Tennis : TR = Track : VB = Volleyball : WR = Wrestling
Date Sport Event B/G Choose
2014-10-31FBClass B Playoffs: Lincoln Pius X @ GretnaBlisten
2014-10-24FBOmaha Burke @ Lincoln Northeast (KLMS)Blisten
2014-10-23FBMillard West @ Lincoln Southeast (KFOR)Blisten
2014-10-17FBCrete @ Lincoln Pius XBlisten
2014-10-16FBLincoln High @ Lincoln North Star (KFOR)Blisten
2014-10-10FBLincoln Southwest @ Lincoln HighBlisten
2014-10-10FBLincoln Lutheran @ Lincoln ChristianBlisten
2014-10-03FBBennington @ WaverlyBlisten
2014-10-03FBKearney @ Lincoln EastBlisten
2014-09-26FBPapillion-LaVista @ Lincoln HighBlisten
2014-09-25FBFremont @ Lincoln Northeast (KFOR)Blisten
2014-09-19FBYork @ Lincoln Pius XBlisten
2014-09-12FBOmaha Concordia @ Lincoln Christian (Abel Stadium)Blisten
2014-09-05FBYork @ WaverlyBlisten
2014-09-04FBGrand Island @ Lincoln Southeast Blisten
2014-08-29FBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln HighBlisten
2014-08-28FBOmaha Central @ Lincoln North Star (KLMS)Blisten
2014-07-21BArea 5-Judds Brothers vs. Pinnacle BankBlisten
2014-07-21BArea 5 Title: Pinnacle Bank vs. Union BankBlisten
2014-06-24BUnion Bank @ Judds Bros (Sherman)Blisten
2014-06-24BSandhills @ Ayars & Ayars (Sherman)Blisten
2014-06-22BPapillion-LV @ Ayars & Ayars (Sherman)Blisten
2014-06-16BNebraska City at Teckmeyer Financial (Sherman)Blisten
2014-06-10BSandhills @ Vermeer (Sherman)Blisten
2014-06-10BUnion Bank @ JC Brager (Sherman)Blisten
2014-06-08BFalls City @ Teckmeyer Financial (Sherman)Blisten
2014-06-06BAuburn @ Teckmeyer Financial (Sherman)Blisten
2014-05-28BAyars & Ayars @ Sandhills (Sherman)Blisten
2014-05-28BJudds Bros @ Union Bank (Sherman)Blisten
2014-05-27BSpringfield @ Wilmar ElectricBlisten
2014-05-22BClass B: Lincoln Pius X vs. ElkhornBlisten
2014-05-22BClass B Baseball Title: Lin. Pius X vs. Om. SkuttBlisten
2014-05-21BClass B Baseball: Lincoln Pius X vs. NorrisBlisten
2014-05-20BClass B: Lincoln Pius X vs. Omaha RoncalliBlisten
2014-05-19BClass B Quarters: Lincoln Pius X vs. Omaha SkuttBlisten
2014-05-17BClass B First Round: Lincoln Pius X vs. BenningtonBlisten
2014-05-13BA-3 Title: Lincoln Northeast vs. Creighton PrepBlisten
2014-05-13BA-2 Title: Lincoln Southwest vs. Millard WestBlisten
2014-05-09BB2 Semis: Lincoln Pius X vs. BlairBlisten
2014-05-05BOmaha Skutt @ Lincoln Pius X (Hartog)listen
2014-04-30BOmaha Westside @ Lincoln Southwest (Sherman)Blisten
2014-04-28BLincoln Pius X @ Lincoln North StarBlisten
2014-04-23BLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln Northeast (Hartog)Blisten
2014-04-23BLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln Northeast (Hartog)Blisten
2014-04-21BLincoln High @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2014-04-15BOmaha Skutt @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2014-04-07BOmaha Creighton Prep @ Lincoln East (Hartog)Blisten
2014-04-04BLincoln North Star @ Lincoln Southeast (Sherman)Blisten
2014-04-02BLincoln Southwest @ Lincoln Southeast (Sherman)Blisten
2014-03-28BOmaha Westside @ Lincoln North StarBlisten
2014-03-26BLincoln East @ Lincoln Southeast (Sherman)Blisten
2014-03-20BWaverly @ Lincoln Northeast (Hartog)Blisten
2014-03-13BBClass A State: Lincoln Northeast vs. Omaha BensonBlisten
2014-03-13BBClass A State: Lincoln Southeast v. Omaha WestsideBlisten
2014-03-08BBClass B Title: Lincoln Pius X vs. Grand Island NWBlisten
2014-03-07BBClass B Semis: Grand Island Northwest vs. NorrisGlisten
2014-03-07BBClass A Semis: Lincoln Northeast vs. Omaha BensonGlisten
2014-03-07BBClass B Semis: Lincoln Pius X vs. HoldregeGlisten
2014-03-06BBClass A: Lincoln Northeast vs. South Sioux CityGlisten
2014-03-06BBClass B: Gretna vs. NorrisGlisten
2014-03-04BBB-1 Title: Lincoln Pius X vs. WaverlyBlisten
2014-03-03BBA-6 Title: Lincoln Northeast vs. Millard WestBlisten
2014-03-01BBB-1: Waverly vs. PlatteviewBlisten
2014-03-01BBB-1: Norris vs. Nebraska CityBlisten
2014-02-28BBC1-1 Title: Syracuse vs. Lincoln LutheranGlisten
2014-02-27BBA-4 Title: Lincoln Northeast vs. Papillion-LaVistaGlisten
2014-02-25BBA-3 Semis: Norfolk vs. Lincoln SouthwestGlisten
2014-02-25BBA-4 Semis: Lincoln Northeast v. Lincoln North StarGlisten
2014-02-21BBNorfolk @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2014-02-21BBNorfolk @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2014-02-15BBBellevue East @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2014-02-15BBBellevue East @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2014-02-14BBOmaha Burke @ Lincoln EastBlisten
2014-02-08BBGrand Island @ Lincoln EastBlisten
2014-02-07BBLincoln High @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2014-02-06BBLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln North StarBlisten
2014-02-01BBOmaha Benson @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2014-02-01BBOmaha Benson @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2014-01-31BBLincoln Pius X @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2014-01-30BBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln Pius XGlisten
2014-01-24BBElkhorn South @ WaverlyBlisten
2014-01-24BBElkhorn South @ WaverlyGlisten
2014-01-23BBRaymond Central @ Lincoln ChristianGlisten
2014-01-23BBRaymond Central @ Lincoln ChristianBlisten
2014-01-21BBWaverly @ Lincoln LutheranBlisten
2014-01-21BBWaverly @ Lincoln LutheranGlisten
2014-01-18BBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln HighBlisten
2014-01-17BBLincoln East @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2014-01-16BBOmaha North @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2014-01-11BBLincoln East @ Omaha Creighton PrepBlisten
2014-01-10BBLincoln North Star @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2014-01-09BBNorris @ WaverlyGlisten
2014-01-09BBNorris @ WaverlyBlisten
2014-01-03BBPlatteview @ WaverlyBlisten
2014-01-03BBPlatteview @ WaverlyGlisten
2013-12-31BBHAC Championship: Lincoln Southeast vs. FremontBlisten
2013-12-30BBHAC Semifinals: Lincoln Southeast vs. Lincoln HighBlisten
2013-12-30BBHAC Semifinals: Lincoln North Star vs. FremontBlisten
2013-12-28BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln Southeast v Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2013-12-28BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln High vs. Lincoln EastBlisten
2013-12-28BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln Northeast vs. FremontBlisten
2013-12-28BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln North Star vs. Grand IslandBlisten
2013-12-21BBLincoln Southeast at Lincoln Northeast (KFOR)Blisten
2013-12-20BBLincoln High @ Lincoln SouthwestGlisten
2013-12-20BBLincoln High @ Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2013-12-14BBOmaha Creighton Prep @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2013-12-13BBLincoln Christian @ Lincoln LutheranBlisten
2013-12-13BBLincoln Christian @ Lincoln LutheranGlisten
2013-12-10BBNorris @ Lincoln Pius XGlisten
2013-12-10BBNorris @ Lincoln Pius XBlisten
2013-12-06BBElkhorn @ WaverlyGlisten
2013-12-06BBElkhorn @ WaverlyBlisten
2013-12-05BBLincoln Southwest @ Omaha Creighton PrepBlisten
2013-11-12FBC1 Playoffs: Lincoln Christian @ Ashland-GreenwoodBlisten
2013-11-06FBC1 2nd Round: Falls City vs. Lincoln ChristianBlisten
2013-11-01FBClass A Playoffs: Lincoln East at Millard NorthBlisten
2013-11-01FBClass A Playoffs: Lincoln Southeast @ Omaha BurkeBlisten
2013-10-31FBClass C1 Playoffs: Milford @ Lincoln ChristianBlisten
2013-10-25FBNorfolk @ Lincoln Northeast (Beechner)Blisten
2013-10-25FBLincoln Pius X @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2013-10-18FBKearney @ Lincoln North Star (Beechner)Blisten
2013-10-18FBLincoln Pius X @ Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2013-10-11FBLincoln Christian vs. Lincoln Lutheran (KLMS)Blisten
2013-10-10FBGrand Island @ Lincoln North StarBlisten
2013-10-05FBNorfolk @ Lincoln Southeast-2nd HalfBlisten
2013-10-04FBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2013-10-03FBNorfolk @ Lincoln Southeast (KFOR)-Thru 3rd QtrBlisten
2013-09-27FBOmaha Gross @ Waverly Blisten
2013-09-26FBLincoln East @ Lincoln Northeast (KFOR)Blisten
2013-09-20FBLincoln Southeast @ Omaha Creighton PrepBlisten
2013-09-13FBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln HighBlisten
2013-09-13FBDouglas County West @ Lincoln LutheranBlisten
2013-09-12TEEquipment Test via iPhonelisten
2013-09-12FBKearney @ Lincoln Southwest (KFOR)Blisten
2013-09-06FBCrete @ Waverly Blisten
2013-09-06FBLincoln High @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2013-09-05FBPapillion-LaVista @ Lincoln East (KFOR)Blisten
2013-08-30FBElkhorn @ Waverly Blisten
2013-08-29FBGrand Island @ Lincoln Northeast (KLMS)Blisten
2013-08-02BState: Union Bank (Pius X) vs. Omaha Westside Pt.2Blisten
2013-08-01BState: Union Bank (Pius X) vs. Omaha Westside Pt.1Blisten
2013-07-31BState: Union Bank (Pius X) vs. Om. WestsideBlisten
2013-07-30BState: Judds (LNE) vs. Omaha WestsideBlisten
2013-07-30BState: Union Bank (Pius X) vs. Pinn. Bank (Papio)Blisten
2013-07-28BState: DJ's Dugout (Bell West) vs. Judds (LNE)Blisten
2013-07-28BState: Kearney Runza vs. Union Bank (Pius X)Blisten
2013-07-27BState: Union Bank (Pius X) vs. Judds Bros. (LNE)Blisten
2013-07-23BArea 5: Juniors Title-Sandhills vs. Ayars & AyarsBlisten
2013-07-22BArea 5-Championship: Pinnacle Bank vs. Union BankBlisten
2013-07-18BArea 5: Union Bank vs. Sampson ConstructionBlisten
2013-07-17BArea 5: Ayars & Ayars vs. Stonebrook RoofingBlisten
2013-07-02BTeckmeyer Financial vs. Heibel Dermatology-ShermanBlisten
2013-06-25BJohn Baylor Test Prep @ Ayars & Ayars (Sherman)Blisten
2013-06-19BJohn Baylor Test Prep vs. Sandhills Pub. (Hartog)Blisten
2013-06-19BPinnacle Bank vs. Union Bank (Hartog)Blisten
2013-06-18BSandhills Publish. vs. Ayars & Ayars (Hartog)Blisten
2013-06-18BUnion Bank vs. Judds Brothers (Hartog)Blisten
2013-06-11BSurface Sealers @ John Baylor Test Prep (Sherman)Blisten
2013-06-05BSurface Sealers @ Sandhills Pub. (Sherman)Blisten
2013-06-05BSampson Const. @ Union Bank (Sherman)Blisten
2013-06-02BPlattsmouth @ Teckmeyer Financial (Sherman)Blisten
2013-05-28BStonebrook Roofing @ Ayars & Ayars (Hartog)Blisten
2013-05-16BClass B: Norris vs Omaha GrossBlisten
2013-05-16BClass B Title: Lincoln Pius X vs. Norris Blisten
2013-05-15BClass B: Lincoln Pius X vs. NorrisBlisten
2013-05-14BClass B: Lincoln Pius X vs. Omaha SkuttBlisten
2013-05-13BClass B: Lincoln Pius X vs. Omaha GrossBlisten
2013-05-11BClass A: Lincoln Southwest vs. Papillion-LV SouthBlisten
2013-05-11BClass B: Lincoln Pius X vs. GretnaBlisten
2013-05-06BB2 Championship: Lincoln Pius X vs SewardBlisten
2013-05-04BB2 Semis: Lincoln Pius X vs. BeatriceBlisten
2013-04-29BLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln Southwest (Sherman)Blisten
2013-04-26BPapillion-LaVista @ Lincoln Southwest (Sherman)Blisten
2013-04-24BHAC Title: Lincoln North Star v. Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2013-04-08BLincoln East @ Lincoln North Star (Sherman)Blisten
2013-04-02BLincoln Pius X @ Lincoln Northeast (Hartog)Blisten
2013-04-01BLincoln High @ Lincoln Southwest (Sherman)Blisten
2013-03-27BLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln Southwest (Sherman)Blisten
2013-03-18BLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln East (Sherman)Blisten
2013-03-07BBClass B 1st Round: Waverly vs. GretnaBlisten
2013-03-07BBClass C1 1st Round: Lincoln Christian vs. WahooBlisten
2013-03-02BBClass A Title: Lincoln Southeast vs. Bellevue WestGlisten
2013-02-28BBClass A: Lincoln Northeast vs. Millard WestGlisten
2013-02-28BBClass A: Bellevue East vs. Lincoln SoutheastGlisten
2013-02-28BBClass C1: Lincoln Christian vs Chadron (KFOR)Glisten
2013-02-26BBB-1 Finals: Waverly vs. Beatrice (KLMS)Blisten
2013-02-25BBB-1 Semis: Waverly vs. PlattsmouthBlisten
2013-02-23BBA-4 Dist. Lincoln High vs. Omaha BensonBlisten
2013-02-23BBA-4 Dist. Lincoln North Star vs. Bellevue WestBlisten
2013-02-20BBA-6 Final: Lincoln Northeast @ Lincoln SouthwestGlisten
2013-02-19BBA-6 Semis: Grand Island vs. Lincoln SouthwestGlisten
2013-02-19BBA-6 Semis: Fremont vs. Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2013-02-16BBNorfolk @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2013-02-08BBColumbus @ Lincoln HighBlisten
2013-02-07BBHastings @ WaverlyGlisten
2013-02-07BBHastings @ WaverlyBlisten
2013-02-05BBJohnson County Central @ Lincoln ChristianBlisten
2013-02-05BBJohnson County Central @ Lincoln ChristianGlisten
2013-02-02BBPapillion-LaVista @ Lincoln Southeast (KFOR)Blisten
2013-02-01BBLincoln Southwest @ Lincoln Northeast (KFOR)Blisten
2013-02-01BBLincoln Southwest @ Lincoln Northeast Glisten
2013-01-26BBPapillion-LV South @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2013-01-25BBOmaha Burke @ Lincoln North StarBlisten
2013-01-19BBElkhorn @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2013-01-17BBLincoln High @ Lincoln Northeast (KFOR)Blisten
2013-01-15BBLincoln Lutheran @ WaverlyBlisten
2013-01-15BBLincoln Lutheran @ WaverlyGlisten
2013-01-12BBLin. Southwest vs. Creighton Prep-at Prep ClassicBlisten
2013-01-12BBRalston vs. Lincoln Pius X (Prep Classic)Blisten
2013-01-12BBLincoln Northeast vs. Gretna (Prep Classic)Blisten
2013-01-11BBLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln North StarGlisten
2013-01-11BBLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln North StarBlisten
2013-01-05BBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln East (KFOR)Blisten
2013-01-05BBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln EastGlisten
2013-01-04BBWaverly @ NorrisGlisten
2013-01-04BBWaverly @ NorrisBlisten
2012-12-31BBHAC Tourney Title: Fremont vs. Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2012-12-29BBHAC Semis: Lincoln Southeast v. Lincoln North StarBlisten
2012-12-29BBHAC Semis: Fremont vs. Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2012-12-28BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln High vs. Lincoln North StarBlisten
2012-12-28BBHAC Tourney: Fremont vs. Lincoln EastBlisten
2012-12-28BBHAC Tourney: Grand Island vs. Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2012-12-28BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln SWBlisten
2012-12-21BBNorth Platte @ Lincoln EastBlisten
2012-12-21BBNorth Platte @ Lincoln EastGlisten
2012-12-15BBLincoln North Star @ Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2012-12-13BBLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2012-12-08BBLincoln East @ Omaha Creighton PrepBlisten
2012-12-07BBBlair @ WaverlyGlisten
2012-12-07BBBlair @ WaverlyBlisten
2012-12-04BBFillmore Central @ Lincoln ChristianBlisten
2012-12-01BBLincoln Pius X @ Lincoln HighBlisten
2012-11-29BBWaverly @ Lincoln Pius XBlisten
2012-11-29BBWaverly @ Lincoln Pius XGlisten
2012-11-20FBClass B State Title: Norris vs. Omaha Gross (KLMS)Blisten
2012-11-02FBClass B Quarterfinal: Gretna @ NorrisBlisten
2012-10-26FBClass A: Bellevue West vs. Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2012-10-26FBClass A Playoffs: Omaha North @ Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2012-10-25FBClass D2 Playoffs: Humphrey @ Parkview ChristianBlisten
2012-10-19FBLincoln East vs. Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2012-10-12FBPlattsmouth @ WaverlyBlisten
2012-10-12FBNorfolk @ Lincoln EastBlisten
2012-10-05FBLincoln Lutheran vs. Lincoln Christian (NWU)Blisten
2012-10-05FBLincoln East @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2012-09-28FBLincoln Southwest @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2012-09-27FBWilber-Clatonia @ Lincoln Christian (Seacrest)Blisten
2012-09-21FBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln EastBlisten
2012-09-20FBLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln Southwest (Seacrest)Blisten
2012-09-14FBOmaha North @ Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2012-09-14FBSchuyler @ WaverlyBlisten
2012-09-13FBOmaha Northwest @ Lincoln East (Seacrest)Blisten
2012-09-07FBElkhorn South @ Waverly Blisten
2012-09-07FBMillard South @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2012-08-31FBLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln HighBlisten
2012-08-30FBGrand Island at Lincoln Southwest (Seacrest)Blisten
2012-08-24FBMillard West @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2012-08-23FBFremont at Lincoln East (Seacrest)Blisten
2012-07-22BA5 Title: Pinnacle Bank vs. Judds Bros.Blisten
2012-07-22BA5 Title: Pinnacle Bank vs. Judds Bros.Blisten
2012-07-18BA5 Juniors-Carpet Land vs. Ayars & AyarsBlisten
2012-07-17BA5 Juniors: Stonebrook vs. Ayars & AyarsBlisten
2012-07-17BA5-Vermeer High Plains vs. John Baylor Test PrepBlisten
2012-06-27BUnion Bank @ Anderson Ford (Sherman)Blisten
2012-06-19BBaylor Test Prep @ Stonebrook Roofing (Sherman)Blisten
2012-06-12BBaylor Test Prep vs. Sandhills (Sherman)Blisten
2012-06-12BUnion Bank @ Pinnacle Bank (Sherman)Blisten
2012-06-10BFalls City @ Teckmeyer Financial (Sherman)Blisten
2012-06-06BBaylor Test Prep @ CarpetlandBlisten
2012-06-05BAyars & Ayars @ Vermeer (Sherman)Blisten
2012-05-29BU-Stop @ Union Bank (Sherman)Blisten
2012-05-27BNehawka @ Teckmeyer Financial (Sherman)Blisten
2012-05-17BClass A Title: Lincoln NE vs. Creighton Prep-1Blisten
2012-05-17BClass A Title: Lincoln NE vs. Creighton Prep-2Blisten
2012-05-16BClass A: Lincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln EastBlisten
2012-05-14BClass A: Lincoln Northeast vs. Millard SouthBlisten
2012-05-14BClass B: Lincoln Pius X vs. Omaha SkuttBlisten
2012-05-12BClass A: Lincoln East vs. Creighton PrepBlisten
2012-05-12BClass A: Lincoln Southwest vs. Millard NorthBlisten
2012-05-12BClass A: Lincoln Northeast vs. Millard WestBlisten
2012-05-07BA-6 Final: Lincoln Southwest vs. Millard SouthBlisten
2012-04-23BLincoln East @ Lincoln Northeast (Hartog)Blisten
2012-04-18BLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln Northeast (Sherman)Blisten
2012-04-17BLincoln East @ Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2012-04-11BOmaha Gross @ Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2012-04-02BOmaha Creighton Prep @ Lincoln EastBlisten
2012-03-30BLincoln North Star vs. Lincoln Southeast Blisten
2012-03-27BElkhorn @ Lincoln Northeast (Sherman)Blisten
2012-03-26BLincoln Pius X @ Lincoln EastBlisten
2012-03-09BBClass A Semis: Lincoln North Star vs Omaha CentralBlisten
2012-03-08BBClass A: Lincoln Southeast vs. Papillion-LaVistaBlisten
2012-03-08BBClass B: Lincoln Pius X vs. BeatriceBlisten
2012-03-08BBClass A: Lincoln North Star vs. Millard NorthBlisten
2012-03-03BBClass A Title: Lincoln Southeast vs. Omaha CentralGlisten
2012-03-02BBClass A Semis: Lincoln Southeast vs. Bellevue EastGlisten
2012-03-01BBClass A: Lincoln Southwest vs. Lincoln SoutheastGlisten
2012-03-01BBClass A: Lincoln Northeast vs. Papillion-LV SouthGlisten
2012-02-27BBB-1 Semis: Lincoln Pius X vs. NorrisBlisten
2012-02-25BBA-6 Semis: Lincoln Southeast vs. Omaha BurkeBlisten
2012-02-25BBA-6 Semis: Lincoln Southwest vs. Bellevue EastBlisten
2012-02-23BBB-1 Semis: Lincoln Pius X vs. WaverlyGlisten
2012-02-21BBA-3 Dist Semis: Lincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln HighGlisten
2012-02-18BBBeatrice @ WaverlyBlisten
2012-02-18BBBeatrice @ Waverly Glisten
2012-02-17BBKearney @ Lincoln HighBlisten
2012-02-11BBNorris @ Lincoln ChristianBlisten
2012-02-10BBFremont @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2012-02-10BBFremont @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2012-02-06BBAurora @ WaverlyBlisten
2012-01-28BBOmaha Westside @ Lincoln North StarGlisten
2012-01-28BBOmaha Westside @ Lincoln North StarBlisten
2012-01-27BBLincoln Pius X @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2012-01-23BBElkhorn Mt. Michael @ Lincoln ChristianBlisten
2012-01-21BBNeb. City Lourdes @ SterlingBlisten
2012-01-21BBNeb. City Lourdes @ SterlingGlisten
2012-01-20BBLincoln Southwest @ Lincoln EastBlisten
2012-01-20BBLincoln Southwest @ Lincoln EastGlisten
2012-01-14BBOmaha Creighton Prep @ Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2012-01-14BBSeward @ WaverlyBlisten
2012-01-14BBSeward @ WaverlyGlisten
2012-01-13BBGrand Island @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2012-01-13BBGrand Island @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2012-01-07BBFremont @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2012-01-07BBFremont @ Lincoln SoutheastGlisten
2012-01-06BBKearney @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2012-01-06BBKearney @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2012-01-05BBNorris @ WaverlyBlisten
2012-01-03BBSterling @ Johnson-BrockBlisten
2012-01-03BBSterling @ Johnson-BrockGlisten
2011-12-31BBHAC Title: Lincoln North Star vs. Grand IslandBlisten
2011-12-31BBHAC Title: Lincoln Southeast vs. Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2011-12-31BBHAC Title: Lincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln SoutheastGlisten
2011-12-20BBSyracuse @ Lincoln Christianlisten
2011-12-17BBDavid City Aquinas @ Lincoln Lutheran Blisten
2011-12-16BBGretna @ WaverlyBlisten
2011-12-13BBMeridian @ SterlingBlisten
2011-12-13BBMeridian @ SterlingGlisten
2011-12-10BBOmaha Creighton Prep @ Lincoln EastBlisten
2011-12-09BBColumbus @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2011-12-09BBColumbus @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2011-12-03BBLincoln Pius X @ Lincoln HighBlisten
2011-12-02BBOmaha Creighton Prep @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2011-12-02BBOmaha Marian @ Lincoln SoutheastGlisten
2011-12-01BBMillard North @ Lincoln North StarBlisten
2011-12-01BBMillard North @ Lincoln North StarGlisten
2011-11-22FBClass A Title: Omaha Burke vs. Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2011-11-15FBC2 Semis: Lincoln Christian @ Aquinas (KFOR)Blisten
2011-11-15ITest Broadcastlisten
2011-11-11FBClass A Semis: Papillion-LV @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2011-11-08FBC2 Quarter: Oakland-Craig @ Lincoln ChristianBlisten
2011-11-04FBClass A: Lincoln Southwest vs. Papillion-LaVistaBlisten
2011-11-04FBClass A Playoff: Millard So. vs. Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2011-11-02FBClass C2: Wilber-Clatonia vs. Lincoln ChristianBlisten
2011-10-28FBClass A Playoffs: Lincoln Southwest vs. Bell. WestBlisten
2011-10-27FBClass C-2 Playoffs: Lincoln Christian vs. HomerBlisten
2011-10-21FBNorfolk @ Lincoln Southwest (Seacrest)Blisten
2011-10-21FBNorris @ WaverlyBlisten
2011-10-14FBLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln High (Seacrest Field)Blisten
2011-10-14FBWymore Southern @ Lincoln ChristianBlisten
2011-10-07FBLincoln North Star @ Lincoln Southwest (Seacrest)Blisten
2011-10-07FBPlattsmouth @ WaverlyBlisten
2011-10-06TTest listen
2011-09-30FBGrand Island @ Lincoln Northeast (Beechner)Blisten
2011-09-23FBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln Southeast (Seacrest)Blisten
2011-09-23FBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln Southeast (Seacrest)Blisten
2011-09-23FBLincoln East @ Lincoln HighBlisten
2011-09-16FBGretna @ WaverlyBlisten
2011-09-16FBLincoln High @ Lincoln North Star-Seacrest FieldBlisten
2011-09-15ITest Test Testlisten
2011-09-09FBLincoln North Star @ Lincoln Northeast (Seacrest)Blisten
2011-09-09FBOmaha Skutt @ Lincoln Pius XBlisten
2011-09-02FBOmaha Westside @ Lincoln Southwest -Seacrest FieldBlisten
2011-09-02FBKearney @ Lincoln East (Seacrest Field)Blisten
2011-08-26FBFremont @ Lincoln Northeast (Beechner Field)Blisten
2011-07-17BA5 Championship: Pinnacle Bank vs. Judds Bros.Blisten
2011-07-14BA-5 Junior Tourney: Baylor Test Prep vs. VermeerBlisten
2011-06-29BCarpetland vs. John Baylor Test Prep (Sherman)Blisten
2011-06-28BJudds Brothers vs. Union Bank (Sherman)Blisten
2011-06-22BAnderson Ford @ Union Bank (Hartog)Blisten
2011-06-14BSampson Const. vs. Union Bank (Sherman)Blisten
2011-06-01BUnion Bank @ Judds Brothers (Sherman)Blisten
2011-05-18BState: Lincoln Southwest vs. Millard NorthBlisten
2011-05-17BState: Lincoln Southwest vs. Omaha Creighton PrepBlisten
2011-05-16BState: Lincoln Southeast vs. Papillion-LaVista So.Blisten
2011-05-14BClass A State: Lincoln Southeast vs. Millard NorthBlisten
2011-05-14BClass A State: Lincoln Southwest vs. Millard WestBlisten
2011-05-09BA2 Title: Lincoln Southeast vs. Lincoln North StarBlisten
2011-05-09BA4 Title: Lincoln Southwest vs. Omaha WestsideBlisten
2011-05-07BA2 District: Lincoln Southeast vs. Omaha BensonBlisten
2011-05-07BA2 District: Lincoln North Star vs. Fremont BerganBlisten
2011-05-02BLincoln Southwest @ Lincoln Northeast (Hartog)Blisten
2011-04-28BLincoln High @ Lincoln North Star (Sherman)Blisten
2011-04-26BColumbus @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2011-04-21BHAC Title: Lincoln Southeast vs. Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2011-04-20BLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln Southeast (Sherman)Blisten
2011-04-08BNebraska City @ Lincoln Pius XBlisten
2011-04-04BLincoln High @ Lincoln Southwest (Sherman)Blisten
2011-04-01BLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln North Star(Sherman)Blisten
2011-03-30BLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln Southwest (Sherman)Blisten
2011-03-21BLincoln East @ Lincoln Southeast (Sherman Field)Blisten
2011-03-17BWaverly @ Lincoln Northeast (Sherman Field)Blisten
2011-03-12BBC2 Title: Lincoln Christian vs. Fremont BerganBlisten
2011-03-11BBClass C-2 Semis: Lincoln Christian vs. RavennaBlisten
2011-03-11BBClass D-2 Semis: Sterling vs. Wauneta-PalisadeBlisten
2011-03-11BBClass B Semis: Lincoln Pius X vs. South Sioux CityBlisten
2011-03-11BBClass B Semis: Gretna vs. NorrisBlisten
2011-03-10BBClass D-2 First Round: Sterling vs. MullenBlisten
2011-03-10BBClass B 1st Round: Lincoln Pius X vs. ScottsbluffBlisten
2011-03-10BBClass A State: Lincoln North Star vs. Om. CentralBlisten
2011-03-10BBClass B State: Norris vs. Boys TownBlisten
2011-03-03BBClass A State: Millard West vs. Lincoln SoutheastGlisten
2011-03-01BBD2-1 Dist. Title: Sterling vs. Parkview ChristianBlisten
2011-02-28BBA-7 Title: Lincoln North Star vs. Millard WestBlisten
2011-02-26BBA-2 District: Omaha Central vs. Lincoln EastBlisten
2011-02-26BBA-2 District: Lincoln High vs. Grand IslandBlisten
2011-02-25BBB-3 Semis: Gretna vs. Lincoln Pius XGlisten
2011-02-25BBB-3 Semis: Norris vs. WaverlyGlisten
2011-02-22BBB-3 District: Lincoln Pius X vs. Nebraska CityGlisten
2011-02-19BBNorfolk @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2011-02-18BBColumbus @ Lincoln EastGlisten
2011-02-18BBColumbus @ Lincoln EastBlisten
2011-02-17BBOmaha Creighton Prep @ Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2011-02-12BBOmaha Christian Academy @ SterlingBlisten
2011-02-10BBHastings @ WaverlyBlisten
2011-02-05BBLincoln Southeast @ Omaha Creighton PrepBlisten
2011-02-03BBLincoln Southwest @ Lincoln Northeast (HOF Night)Blisten
2011-01-29BBPapillion-LaVista South @ Lincoln Southeast Blisten
2011-01-29BBPapillion-LaVista South @ Lincoln SoutheastGlisten
2011-01-28BBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln Pius XBlisten
2011-01-22BBAshland-Greenwood @ WaverlyBlisten
2011-01-22BBElkhorn @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2011-01-21BBSouthern @ SterlingBlisten
2011-01-21BBSouthern @ SterlingGlisten
2011-01-20BBLincoln Christian @ SewardBlisten
2011-01-15BBOmaha Westside @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2011-01-15BBOmaha Westside @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2011-01-14BBNorfolk @ Lincoln HighBlisten
2011-01-11BBRalston @ WaverlyBlisten
2011-01-08BBNebr. Prep Classic: Lincoln Pius X vs. K.C. MiegeBlisten
2011-01-08BBNE Prep Classic: Lincoln SE vs. Sioux City HeelanBlisten
2011-01-08BBNE Prep Classic: Lincoln SE vs. Sioux City HeelanGlisten
2011-01-07BBWaverly @ NorrisBlisten
2011-01-07BBWaverly @ NorrisGlisten
2011-01-04BBJohnson-Brock @ SterlingBlisten
2011-01-04BBJohnson-Brock @ SterlingGlisten
2010-12-30BBHAC Third Place: Lincoln High vs. Grand IslandBlisten
2010-12-30BBHAC Championship: Lincoln Southwest vs. FremontBlisten
2010-12-29BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln Southwest vs. Lincoln HighBlisten
2010-12-28BBHAC Trny: Lincoln Southeast vs. Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2010-12-28BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln HighBlisten
2010-12-28BBHAC Tourney: Fremont vs. Lincoln North StarBlisten
2010-12-28BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln East vs. Grand IslandBlisten
2010-12-21BBDorchester @ SterlingBlisten
2010-12-21BBDorchester @ SterlingGlisten
2010-12-20BBNorth Platte @ Lincoln EastGlisten
2010-12-20BBNorth Platte @ Lincoln EastBlisten
2010-12-16BBSeward @ Lincoln Pius XBlisten
2010-12-10BBLincoln Lutheran @ Lincoln ChristianBlisten
2010-12-10BBLincoln Lutheran @ Lincoln ChristianGlisten
2010-12-04BBNebr. Prep Classic: Omaha Roncalli vs. SterlingBlisten
2010-12-03BBMillard North @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2010-12-02BBWaverly @ Lincoln Pius XBlisten
2010-11-13FBLincoln Southeast @ Millard SouthBlisten
2010-11-05FBClass A Playoffs: Millard West @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2010-11-05FBClass A Playoffs: Millard North @ Lincoln NEBlisten
2010-11-03FBC-1 Playoffs: Wahoo @ Lincoln Lutheran (Seacrest)Blisten
2010-10-29FBClass A Playoffs: Lincoln SW @ Millard SouthBlisten
2010-10-29FBClass B Playoffs: Gretna @ Lincoln Pius XBlisten
2010-10-22FBWaverly @ NorrisBlisten
2010-10-22FBGrand Island @ Lincoln Southeast (Seacrest)Blisten
2010-10-15FBLincoln High @ Lincoln Southeast (Seacrest)Blisten
2010-10-15FBColumbus @ Lincoln Northeast (Beechner)Blisten
2010-10-08FBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln East (Seacrest)Blisten
2010-10-08FBGrand Island @ Lincoln High (Beechner)Blisten
2010-10-01FBLincoln East @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2010-10-01FBFremont @ Lincoln Southwest (Seacrest)Blisten
2010-09-24FBNorth Platte @ Lincoln Southwest (Seacrest)Blisten
2010-09-24FBLincoln Pius X @ RalstonBlisten
2010-09-17FBLincoln Lutheran @ Lincoln Christian (NWU)Blisten
2010-09-16FBOmaha Central @ Lincoln East (Seacrest)Blisten
2010-09-10FBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln North Star (Seacrest)Blisten
2010-09-10FBCrete @ Waverly Blisten
2010-09-03FBLincoln Pius X @ WaverlyBlisten
2010-09-03FBOmaha Benson @ Lincoln North Star Blisten
2010-08-27FBLincoln East @ Lincoln North Star (Seacrest)Blisten
2010-08-26FBLincoln Northeast @ FremontBlisten
2010-07-18BA-5 Seniors: Pinnacle Bank vs. JC BragerBlisten
2010-07-18BA-5 Seniors Title: Pinnacle Bank vs. Anderson FordBlisten
2010-07-16BA-5 Seniors: Pinnacle Bank vs. Union BankBlisten
2010-07-14BA-5 Seniors: U-Stop vs. JC BragerBlisten
2010-07-13BA-5 Juniors: John Baylor Test Prep vs. Stonebrook Blisten
2010-07-03BPeterson Tourney: Pinnacle Bank vs. Union BankBlisten
2010-06-29BU-Stop vs. Anderson Ford (Sherman)Blisten
2010-06-17BGrand Island @ Pinnacle Bank (Sherman)Blisten
2010-06-09BJC Brager @ Union Bank (Hartog)Blisten
2010-06-02BU-Stop vs. JC Brager (Sherman)listen
2010-05-31BNBDA Tourney: North Central vs. Northeast NebraskaBlisten
2010-05-30BBNBDA Tourney: Sarpy County vs. NorfolkBlisten
2010-05-30BBNBDA Tourney: North Central vs. York/AuroraBlisten
2010-05-30BBNBDA Tourney: Sarpy County vs. Fremont at LHSBlisten
2010-05-29BNBDA: Seward vs. North Central (LSE Court 2)Blisten
2010-05-29BNBDA Tourney-Waverly vs. South Omaha (LSE Court 2)Blisten
2010-05-29BBNBDA Tourney: Fairbury vs. South OmahaBlisten
2010-05-18BClass B State: Lincoln Pius X vs. Omaha GrossBlisten
2010-05-17BClass A State: Lincoln Northeast vs. Papillion-LVBlisten
2010-05-17BClass B State: Lincoln Pius X vs. Omaha SkuttBlisten
2010-05-15BClass A State: Lincoln Northeast vs. Millard SouthBlisten
2010-05-15BClass A State: Lincoln East vs. Millard WestBlisten
2010-05-11BA-1 Title: Lincoln Northeast vs. Bellevue WestBlisten
2010-05-08BDistrict A-1: Lincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln HighBlisten
2010-05-04BOmaha Northwest @ Lincoln Northeast (Sherman)Blisten
2010-05-03BLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln Southwest (Sherman)Blisten
2010-04-26BLincoln East @ Lincoln Northeast (Hartog)Blisten
2010-04-21BLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln Northeast (Hartog)Blisten
2010-04-21BLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln Northeast (Hartog)Blisten
2010-04-20BLincoln East @ Lincoln Southwest (Hartog)Blisten
2010-04-14BOmaha Gross @ Lincoln Southwest (Sherman)Blisten
2010-04-12BMillard West @ Lincoln Southwest (Hartog)Blisten
2010-04-08BFremont Bergan @ Lincoln Pius X (Sherman)Blisten
2010-04-02BLincoln North Star @ Lincoln Southeast (Sherman)Blisten
2010-04-01BOmaha Skutt @ Lincoln Northeast (Hartog)Blisten
2010-03-30BOmaha Creighton Prep @ Lincoln Pius XBlisten
2010-03-22BLincoln East @ Lincoln Southeast (Sherman)Blisten
2010-03-13BBClass A 3rd Place: Lincoln SE vs. Creighton PrepBlisten
2010-03-12BBClass A State: Lincoln Southeast vs. Omaha CentralBlisten
2010-03-11BBClass A State: Millard South vs. Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2010-03-11BBClass A State: Lincoln High vs. Omaha CentralBlisten
2010-03-05BBClass A State: Lincoln Southwest vs. Millard WestGlisten
2010-03-04BBClass A State: Lincoln Southwest vs. KearneyGlisten
2010-03-04BBClass A State: Lincoln Southeast vs. Millard WestGlisten
2010-03-02BBD2-1 District Title: Sterling vs. GiltnerBlisten
2010-03-01BBB-3 Semis: Lincoln Pius X vs. Waverly Blisten
2010-02-27BBA-2 District: Lincoln Southeast vs. Omaha NorthBlisten
2010-02-25BBA-7 Championship: Lincoln SW vs. North PlatteGlisten
2010-02-23BBDistrict A-6 at LNE: Lincoln SE vs. Papillion-LVGlisten
2010-02-20BBBeatrice @ Waverly Blisten
2010-02-19BBKearney @ Lincoln HighBlisten
2010-02-16BBBlair @ WaverlyBlisten
2010-02-12BBFremont @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2010-02-12BBFremont @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2010-02-06BBOmaha Marian @ Lincoln SoutheastGlisten
2010-02-06BBOmaha Creighton Prep @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2010-02-05BBLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln HighBlisten
2010-02-02BBCouncil Bluffs Abe Lincoln @ Lincoln EastBlisten
2010-01-30BBGrand Island @ Lincoln SouthwestGlisten
2010-01-30BBGrand Island @ Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2010-01-29BBLincoln Pius X @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2010-01-28BBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln Pius XGlisten
2010-01-26BBHumboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer @ SterlingGlisten
2010-01-26BBHumboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer @ SterlingBlisten
2010-01-23BBNebraska City Lourdes @ SterlingBlisten
2010-01-23BBNebraska City Lourdes @ SterlingGlisten
2010-01-22BBWaverly @ NorrisBlisten
2010-01-21BBLincoln North Star @ Lincoln East Blisten
2010-01-16BBOmaha Bryan @ Lincoln Southeastlisten
2010-01-15BBGrand Island @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2010-01-09BBLincoln East @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2010-01-09BBLincoln East @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2010-01-08BBColumbus @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2010-01-05BBSterling @ Johnson-BrockBlisten
2009-12-31BBHAC Tourney Championship: Fremont vs. Lincoln SEBlisten
2009-12-30BBHAC Tourney: Fremont vs. Lincoln Southwest Blisten
2009-12-30BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln Southeast vs. Lincoln HighBlisten
2009-12-29BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln Southeast vs. Grand IslandBlisten
2009-12-29BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln North Star vs. Lincoln HighBlisten
2009-12-29BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln Southwest vs. Lincoln EastBlisten
2009-12-29BBHAC Tourney: Fremont vs. Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2009-12-19BBFremont @ Lincoln HighBlisten
2009-12-18BBAshland-Greenwood @ WaverlyBlisten
2009-12-17BBLincoln North Star @ Lincoln Northeast Blisten
2009-12-12BBLincoln Southwest @ Omaha Creighton PrepBlisten
2009-12-11BBLincoln Christian @ Lincoln LutheranGlisten
2009-12-11BBLincoln Christian @ Lincoln LutheranBlisten
2009-12-05BBGrand Island @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2009-12-04BBLincoln Pius X @ WaverlyBlisten
2009-11-14FBClass A Playoffs: Millard West @ Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2009-11-06FBClass B Playoffs: Blair @ Waverlylisten
2009-10-30FBClass A Playoffs: Lin. Northeast @ Lin. SoutheastBlisten
2009-10-30FBClass A Playoffs: Lin. Northeast @ Lin. SoutheastBlisten
2009-10-30FBClass B Playoffs: Gretna @ WaverlyBlisten
2009-10-29FBC-2 Playoffs: Elmwood-Murdock @ Lincoln ChristianBlisten
2009-10-23FBLincoln North Star @ Lincoln Northeast (Seacrest)Blisten
2009-10-16FBWaverly @ Omaha SkuttBlisten
2009-10-16FBElkhorn @ Lincoln Southwest (Seacrest Field)Blisten
2009-10-10Equipment Testlisten
2009-10-09FBLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2009-10-09FBGrand Island @ Lincoln Northeast (Beechner)Blisten
2009-10-02FBNorfolk @ Lincoln Southwest (Seacrest Field)Blisten
2009-10-02FBKearney @ Lincoln EastBlisten
2009-10-01FBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln High (KFOR)listen
2009-09-25FBCrete @ Waverly Blisten
2009-09-18FBLincoln Lutheran @ Lincoln Christian-Abel StadiumBlisten
2009-09-18FBLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln Northeast (Seacrest)Blisten
2009-09-18FBLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln Northeast (Seacrest)Blisten
2009-09-11FBLincoln North Star @ Lincoln East (Seacrest Field)Blisten
2009-09-11FBSeward @ WaverlyBlisten
2009-09-10IJohn Baylor Test Prep Coaches ShowBlisten
2009-09-04IJohn Baylor Test Prep Coaches ShowBlisten
2009-09-04FBMillard West @ Lincoln Southeast (Seacrest Field)Blisten
2009-09-04FBLincoln North Star @ Lincoln Southwest (Seacrest)Blisten
2009-08-28FBLincoln Pius X @ WaverlyBlisten
2009-08-27FBOmaha Creighton Prep @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2009-08-06ITyler Evans InterviewBlisten
2009-07-24BState Legion Tourney: JC Brager vs. North PlatteBlisten
2009-07-15BA-5 Seniors: Sampson Const. vs. Union Bank listen
2009-07-14BA-5 Juniors: Play It Again Sports vs. Apollo SteelBlisten
2009-07-14BA-5 Juniors: Stonebrook Roof. vs. Baylor Test Preplisten
2009-07-04BJudds Bros. vs. G.I. Home Fed. (Peterson Tourney)Blisten
2009-07-03BDiGiorgios vs. Union Bank (Peterson Tourney)Blisten
2009-06-30BPinnacle Bank @ Judds Brothers (Hartog)Blisten
2009-06-30BBaylor Test Prep @ Apollo Steel (Hartog)Blisten
2009-06-24BUnion Bank @ Pinnacle Bank (Sherman)Blisten
2009-06-23BJC Brager @ Judds Brothers (Sherman)Blisten
2009-06-16BUnion Bank @ Sampson Const. (Sherman)Blisten
2009-06-10BPinnacle Bank vs. Union Bank (Den Hartog Field)Blisten
2009-06-04BJudds Brothers vs. U-Stop (Sherman)Blisten
2009-05-28BBaylor Test Prep @ Apollo Steel (Sherman)Blisten
2009-05-27BPinnacle Bank @ Judds Brothers (Sherman)Blisten
2009-05-25BBNBDA Gold Semifinals: Sarpy County vs. KearneyBlisten
2009-05-25BBNBDA Silver Title: North Platte vs. FairburyBlisten
2009-05-25BBNBDA Gold Title: Sarpy County vs. NorfolkBlisten
2009-05-25BBNBDA Silver Semifinals: Lincoln NE vs. FairburyBlisten
2009-05-24BBNBDA Tourney: Holdrege vs. Grand IslandBlisten
2009-05-24BBNBDA Tourney: Waverly vs. FremontBlisten
2009-05-24BBNBDA Tourney: Lincoln West vs. ColumbusBlisten
2009-05-23BBNBDA Tourney: Lincoln NE vs. Millard/RalstonBlisten
2009-05-23BBNBDA Tourney: Seward vs. WaverlyBlisten
2009-05-23BBNBDA Tourney: Columbus vs. Platte RiverBlisten
2009-05-22BBNBDA Tourney: Lincoln Southeast vs. York/AuroraBlisten
2009-05-22BBNBDA Tourney: Sarpy County vs. Lincoln Central Blisten
2009-05-21BClass B State Title: Lincoln Pius X vs. Om. GrossBlisten
2009-05-20BClass B: Lincoln Pius X vs. Omaha SkuttBlisten
2009-05-20BClass B: Lincoln Pius X vs. GretnaBlisten
2009-05-19BClass A: Lincoln SW vs. Papillion-LaVista SouthBlisten
2009-05-18BClass A: Lincoln Southwest vs. Creighton PrepBlisten
2009-05-16BClass B State: Lincoln Pius X vs. Nebraska CityBlisten
2009-05-11BA-5 District Title: Lincoln SW vs. Millard SouthBlisten
2009-05-09BA-5 District: Lincoln Southwest vs. Fremont Berganlisten
2009-05-06BLincoln High @ Lincoln Southeast (Sherman)Blisten
2009-05-04BElkhorn @ Lincoln East (Sherman)Blisten
2009-04-30BLincoln High @ Lincoln North Star (Sherman)Blisten
2009-04-22BLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln Southeast (Sherman)Blisten
2009-04-22BLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln Southeast (Sherman)Blisten
2009-04-17BHAC Championship: Lincoln SW vs. Lincoln SEBlisten
2009-04-14BMillard South @ Lincoln High (Den Hartog)Blisten
2009-04-09BLincoln North Star @ Lincoln Northeast (Hartog)Blisten
2009-04-03BLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln North Star (Sherman)Blisten
2009-04-01BOmaha Creighton Prep @ Lincoln North Star (Hartog)Blisten
2009-03-14BBClass A: Lincoln Southwest vs. Creighton PrepBlisten
2009-03-14BBD-2 State Title: Sterling vs. EwingBlisten
2009-03-13BBClass A Semis: Lin. Southeast vs. Creighton PrepBlisten
2009-03-13BBClass D-2 Semis: Sterling vs. Hay SpringsBlisten
2009-03-13BBClass A Semis: Lincoln Southwest vs. Omaha BryanBlisten
2009-03-12BBClass A: Lincoln High vs. Omaha Creighton PrepBlisten
2009-03-12BBClass A: Lincoln East vs. Omaha Bryan (2nd half)Blisten
2009-03-12BBState: Lincoln East vs. Omaha Bryan (1st half)Blisten
2009-03-12BBClass B State: Beatrice vs. Waverly Blisten
2009-03-12BBClass A State: Lincoln Southeast vs. NorfolkBlisten
2009-03-12BBClass D-2 State: Sterling vs. Falls City S-HBlisten
2009-03-07BBClass A Title: Lincoln Southeast vs. Bellevue WestGlisten
2009-03-07BBClass B Title: Lincoln Pius X vs. SewardGlisten
2009-03-06BBClass A Semis: Lincoln Southeast vs. Millard WestGlisten
2009-03-06BBClass B Semis: Lincoln Pius X vs. HoldregeGlisten
2009-03-05BBState: Lincoln Southeast vs. Omaha WestsideGlisten
2009-03-05BBClass B State: Lincoln Pius X vs. GretnaGlisten
2009-03-05BBClass A State: Lincoln East vs. Bellevue WestGlisten
2009-03-03BBD-2 District 1 Title: Sterling vs. HamptonBlisten
2009-03-02BBB-1 District Semis: Lincoln Pius X vs. WaverlyBlisten
2009-02-28BBA-4 District: Lincoln Southeast vs. Omaha NorthBlisten
2009-02-28BBA-4 District: Lincoln North Star vs. Bellevue EastBlisten
2009-02-27BBB-1 District title: Lincoln Pius X vs. BeatriceGlisten
2009-02-26BBA-3 Title: Lincoln Northeast vs. Omaha MarianGlisten
2009-02-21BBOmaha Northwest @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2009-02-21BBOmaha Northwest @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2009-02-20BBColumbus @ Lincoln EastGlisten
2009-02-20BBColumbus @ Lincoln EastBlisten
2009-02-14BBBellevue West @ Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2009-02-12BBLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln Pius XGlisten
2009-02-07BBLincoln North Star @ Omaha Creighton PrepBlisten
2009-02-06BBWaverly @ SewardBlisten
2009-02-04BBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln EastGlisten
2009-01-31BBOmaha Creighton Prep @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2009-01-30BBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln Pius XBlisten
2009-01-29BBLincoln Pius X @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2009-01-24BBElkhorn @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2009-01-23BBNorris @ WaverlyBlisten
2009-01-17BBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln North StarBlisten
2009-01-17BBMUDECAS Consolation: Sterling vs. H-TR-SBlisten
2009-01-16BBNorfolk @ Lincoln HighBlisten
2009-01-15BBMUDECAS: Sterling vs. FreemanBlisten
2009-01-13BBRalston @ WaverlyBlisten
2009-01-09BBColumbus @ Lincoln SoutheastGlisten
2009-01-08BBDorchester @ SterlingGlisten
2009-01-08BBDorchester @ SterlingBlisten
2009-01-06BBJohnson-Brock @ SterlingGlisten
2009-01-06BBJohnson-Brock @ SterlingBlisten
2009-01-02BBSterling vs. Pawnee City @ Humboldt TourneyBlisten
2008-12-31BBHAC Championship: Lincoln East vs. Lincoln SWBlisten
2008-12-30BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln Northeast vs. FremontBlisten
2008-12-30BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln SE vs. Lincoln SWBlisten
2008-12-30BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln North Star vs. Grand IslandBlisten
2008-12-30BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln East vs. Lincoln HighBlisten
2008-12-29BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln NE vs. Lincoln SEBlisten
2008-12-29BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln East vs. Grand IslandBlisten
2008-12-29BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln North Star vs. Lincoln HighBlisten
2008-12-29BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln NE vs. Lincoln SEBlisten
2008-12-29BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln Southwest vs. FremontBlisten
2008-12-20BBNorfolk @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2008-12-18BBLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2008-12-13BBColumbus @ Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2008-12-12BBNorth Platte @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2008-12-11BBYork @ WaverlyBlisten
2008-12-05BBOmaha Roncalli @ WaverlyBlisten
2008-12-04BBOmaha North @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2008-12-04BBOmaha North @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2008-11-24IRyan Tarletsky InterviewBlisten
2008-11-16BBFall Battle 8th Grade: CSS vs. All Iowa AttackGlisten
2008-11-16BBFall Battle 7th Grade: Iowa Attack vs. St. LouisGlisten
2008-11-15FBState Playoffs: Beatrice @ Lincoln Pius XBlisten
2008-11-13VBState Tourney: Lincoln Southwest vs. Millard NorthGlisten
2008-11-07FBState Playoffs: Lincoln Pius X @ Omaha GrossBlisten
2008-11-05VBDistricts: Lincoln Southwest vs. ElkhornGlisten
2008-10-31IUnion Bank Pre-Game Show-Pius X vs. GretnaBlisten
2008-10-31FBState Playoffs: Gretna @ Lincoln Pius XBlisten
2008-10-28VBGrand Island Northwest @ Lincoln Pius XGlisten
2008-10-24FBUnion Bank Pre-Game Show: Crete vs. Lincoln Pius XBlisten
2008-10-24FBCrete @ Lincoln Pius XBlisten
2008-10-17FBLincoln Southwest @ ElkhornBlisten
2008-10-17FBOmaha Skutt @ WaverlyBlisten
2008-10-17FBGrand Island @ Lincoln North StarBlisten
2008-10-16FBFremont vs. Lincoln High @ BeechnerBlisten
2008-10-16IUnion Bank Pre-Game ShowBlisten
2008-10-10FBLincoln Southwest @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2008-10-10FBNorfolk @ Lincoln EastBlisten
2008-10-09VBBellevue West @ Lincoln Pius Xlisten
2008-10-03FBNorth Platte @ Lincoln North StarBlisten
2008-10-03FBBeatrice @ WaverlyBlisten
2008-10-02FBElkhorn @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2008-10-02IThe Coaches Showlisten
2008-09-26FBNorris @ Nebraska CityBlisten
2008-09-26FBLincoln High @ Lincoln North StarBlisten
2008-09-26FBWaverly @ CreteBlisten
2008-09-25FBUnion Bank Pre-Game Show: Elkhorn vs. Lincoln EastBlisten
2008-09-25FBElkhorn @ Lincoln EastBlisten
2008-09-25IThe Coaches Showlisten
2008-09-19FBNebraska City @ WaverlyBlisten
2008-09-19FBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2008-09-19FBLincoln Christian @ Lincoln LutheranBlisten
2008-09-19FBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2008-09-18IThe Coaches Showlisten
2008-09-12FBLincoln Southwest @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2008-09-12FBLincoln East @ Lincoln North StarBlisten
2008-09-11IThe Coaches Showlisten
2008-09-05FBNorris @ WaverlyBlisten
2008-09-05FBOmaha Benson @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2008-09-04IThe Coaches Showlisten
2008-08-29FBFremont @ Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2008-08-29FBWaverly @ Lincoln Pius XBlisten
2008-08-28FBMillard South @ Lincoln EastBlisten
2008-08-28IThe Coaches Showlisten
2008-07-27BArea5 Chmpship: Anderson Ford vs. Union Bank - G1Blisten
2008-07-27BArea5 Chmp: Anderson Ford vs. Union Bank - G2 Pt1Blisten
2008-07-27BArea5 Chmp: Anderson Ford vs. Union Bank - G2 Pt2Blisten
2008-07-25BArea 5 Tourney: Anderson Ford vs. Union BankBlisten
2008-07-24BBCSS Tourney: Bellevue Ice vs. Missouri StingGlisten
2008-07-24BBCSS Tourney: KC Pioneers vs. Omaha CrusadersGlisten
2008-07-24BBCSS Tourney: Iowa Red vs. CSS Bison SelectGlisten
2008-07-23BArea 5 Tourney: Judds Bros. vs. JC BragerBlisten
2008-07-18BArea 5 Juniors Tourney: Apollo Steel vs. JC BragerBlisten
2008-07-18BArea 5 Juniors Tourney: Apollo Steel vs. JC BragerBlisten
2008-07-09BGr. Island Wells Fargo vs. Apollo Steel @ ShermanBlisten
2008-07-05BElkhorn vs. Union Bank @ WoodsBlisten
2008-07-05BPeterson Trny: Prime Time vs. Anderson FordBlisten
2008-07-04BPeterson Tourney: North Platte vs. Judds Bros.Blisten
2008-07-01BUnion Bank vs. Sampson Const. @ ShermanBlisten
2008-06-26BPI Midwest vs. Union Bank @ Hartog FieldBlisten
2008-06-25BApollo Steel vs. Carpetland @ ShermanBlisten
2008-06-20BU-Stop vs. Judds Brothers @ ShermanBlisten
2008-06-19BGrubb & Ellis vs. Baylor Test Prep @ ShermanBlisten
2008-06-18BAnderson Ford vs. JC Brager @ ShermanBlisten
2008-06-18BJC Brager vs. Anderson Ford @ ShermanBlisten
2008-06-17BJC Brager vs. Apollo Steel @ ShermanBlisten
2008-06-17BJC Brager vs. Judds Brothers @ ShermanBlisten
2008-06-14BMillard Sox vs. Judds Bros. @ HartogBlisten
2008-06-14BMillard Sox vs. Judds Bros. @ HartogBlisten
2008-06-13BU-Stop vs. Judds Bros. @ ShermanBlisten
2008-06-10BUnion Bank vs. Anderson Ford @ ShermanBlisten
2008-06-07INJake Kuebler InterviewBlisten
2008-06-04BJC Brager vs. Union Bank @ ShermanBlisten
2008-06-01BCreighton Prep vs. Baylor Test Prep @ ShermanBlisten
2008-05-27BSandhills Pub. vs. Apollo Steel @ HartogBlisten
2008-05-26BBBison Gold Tourney: Omaha Sports vs. NorfolkBlisten
2008-05-26BBBison Silver Tourney: York/Aurora vs. Lincoln WestBlisten
2008-05-15BState: Lincoln North Star vs. Millard WestBlisten
2008-05-14BState: Lincoln North Star vs. Omaha WestsideBlisten
2008-05-13BState: Lincoln Pius X vs. Omaha Roncallilisten
2008-05-13BState: Lincoln Southeast vs. Lincoln North StarBlisten
2008-05-12BClass A State: Lincoln North Star vs. Millard WestBlisten
2008-05-12BClass A State: Lincoln Southeast vs. Millard NorthBlisten
2008-05-05BA-4 Dist. Lincoln Southeast vs. Lincoln North StarBlisten
2008-05-03BA-4 Dist: Lincoln North Star vs. Omaha NorthwestBlisten
2008-05-03BA-4 Dist. Lincoln Southeast vs. Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2008-05-03BA-4 Dist. Lincoln Southeast vs. Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2008-04-28BLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2008-04-16BLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2008-04-16BLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2008-04-14BHAC Tourney: Lincoln High vs. Grand IslandBlisten
2008-04-14BHAC Tourney: Lincoln Southeast vs. Lincoln HighBlisten
2008-04-14BHAC Tourney: Lin. Northeast vs. Lin. SoutheastBlisten
2008-04-02BElkhorn @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2008-04-01BLincoln North Star @ Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2008-03-28BLincoln North Star @ Lincoln Southeast Blisten
2008-03-26BOmaha Creighton Prep @ Lincoln North Star Blisten
2008-03-25BElkhorn @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2008-03-21BLincoln East @ Lincoln HighBlisten
2008-03-08BBClass A 3rd Place: Lincoln High vs. Bellevue WestBlisten
2008-03-07BBClass B Semis: Lincoln Pius X vs. ElkhornBlisten
2008-03-07BBClass A Semis: Lincoln High vs. Bellevue EastBlisten
2008-03-06BBClass A State: Lincoln High vs. Creighton PrepBlisten
2008-03-06BBClass B State: Lincoln Pius X vs. AllianceBlisten
2008-03-06BBClass C-1 State: Lincoln Lutheran vs. Chadron-TBDBlisten
2008-03-02BBWinter Brawl Tourney: CSS 6th vs. Omaha GladiatorsGlisten
2008-03-02BBWinter Brawl: Omaha Renegades vs. Omaha PremierGlisten
2008-03-02BBWinter Brawl: CSS 7th vs. Mo. Valley EclipseGlisten
2008-03-01BBClass A Title: Lincoln Southeast vs. Millard WestGlisten
2008-02-29BBClass B Semifinals: Lincoln Pius X vs. AllianceGlisten
2008-02-29BBClass A Semis: Lincoln Southeast vs. Millard NorthGlisten
2008-02-28BBClass A State: Lincoln Southeast vs. Papillion-LVGlisten
2008-02-28BBClass B State: Lincoln Pius X vs. HoldregeGlisten
2008-02-25BBA-6 title: Lincoln Southeast vs. Bellevue EastBlisten
2008-02-23BBA-6 District: Lincoln Northeast vs. Bellevue EastBlisten
2008-02-23BBA-6 District: Lincoln Southeast vs. Millard SouthBlisten
2008-02-23BBB-1 Districts: Norris vs. Nebraska CityBlisten
2008-02-22BBA-5 District Finals: Lincoln East vs. Omaha MarianGlisten
2008-02-19BBD2-1 Sub-District: Parkview Christian vs. SterlingBlisten
2008-02-19BBB-1 District: Waverly vs. Nebraska CityGlisten
2008-02-16BBBeatrice @ WaverlyBlisten
2008-02-15BBLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2008-02-15BBLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2008-02-12BBLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2008-02-09BBOmaha Burke @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2008-02-08BBElkhorn @ Waverly (
2008-02-08BBFremont @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2008-02-07BBLincoln Pius X @ Lincoln SoutheastGlisten
2008-02-07BBLincoln Pius X @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2008-02-02BBOmaha Creighton Prep @ Lincoln North StarBlisten
2008-02-01BBSeward @ WaverlyBlisten
2008-01-31BBLincoln High @ Lincoln SoutheastGlisten
2008-01-26BBLincoln Southeast @ Omaha Creighton PrepBlisten
2008-01-25BBLincoln High @ Lincoln North StarBlisten
2008-01-25BBEMC Tourney: Elkhorn vs. WaverlyBlisten
2008-01-24BBEMC Tourney: Elkhorn vs. WaverlyGlisten
2008-01-19BBLincoln Northeast @ Elkhorn (Elkhorn Broadcast)Blisten
2008-01-19BBNeb. City Lourdes @ SterlingBlisten
2008-01-19BBNeb City Lourdes@ SterlingGlisten