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09/22/2013 - From The Press Box: How Social Media Impacts Sports Culture

These are turbulent times we live in, when it comes to social media and privacy.

Yeah, I'm like many of you...always putting information to share with friends that's either pointless or informative. 

After watching the fiasco that developed following the Nebraska/UCLA football game Sept. 14, you almost have to watch out what you say anymore. 

Former Nebraska quarterback Tommie Frazier took to Twitter and expressed his frustration with the loss and mentioned the defensive coaching staff needs to be replaced.  But that's not the worse of it. 

Let's face it, I have no direct connection to the Nebraska football program and not a booster but what head coach Bo Pelini had to endure from critics this past week was beyond what I would have envisioned any fan could do.

A disgruntled fan or someone simply not liking Coach Pelini leaked a piece of audio taken from prior to his postgame radio interview in 2011, featuring his profane-laced venting toward fans, most whom had left in the third quarter of the comeback victory against Ohio State, and some sportswriters.  Pelini had been told beforehand the microphones were not on and he proceeded into blowing off some steam.

Poor timing.  He didn't deserve to be hung out to dry.  It wasn't known until last week that the issue had been addressed by former Nebraska Athletic Director Tom Osborne last year.

Pelini and other coaches have a right to vent, just as many of you do when your team is not performing well and put the blame on the coach.  Whoever did it needs to be man or woman enough to come forward to take responsibility for this "circus."

I guess, that's the world we live in now.  Even people like me in the broadcasting industry need to watch ourselves around microphones.  You never know who's listening and wants to ruffle everyone's feathers.

But there are some positives.

We use sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote information, such as scores and information pertaining to games we're covering.

In no way, shape or form, do we want to be come an outlet of spreading criticism toward any coaches, players or schools. 

Yes, I will admit, I have vented about criticism received personally or toward others that help provide broadcasts on the site. 

Social media does serve a purpose in the sports world.  It's helped us expand the number of visitors to the site and expands our reach.  It draws those visitors to connect to our sponsors.

It's here to stay and it's a matter of how we properly utilize social media networks without stepping on too many toes.  Just take a couple of deep breaths before expressing any displeasure.

That's been a long standing, unwritten rule on message boards and other social sites for as long as the Internet has been around.

Games this week

Reminder that we'll have the Lincoln East/Lincoln Northeast football game Thursday night and Omaha Gross/Waverly and Lincoln Pius X/Norfolk on Friday.

The East/Northeast game will be through the direct website feed and mobile link.  Gross and Waverly will stream directly from the website, while the mobile feed will have the Pius X/Norfolk game.

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